Timeless rapture

This image is especially designed for this poem by @anuwildantz ©2011

You enchant me with melodic Escher staircases,
scintillating all the way up my spine into my brain.
I walk around in bewilderment so that again I have to tie my shoe laces.
Brilliant and powerful and passionate, perfect is the harmony train.

Where the notes play a strange kind of algebra;
the rich tonality echoes like a rainbow in my mind,
displacing even the darkest of shadow in the mind’s umbra,
where music, poetry and mathematics are intertwined.

Colour and light expanding mind, making room for geometrical thought,
and causing a riot with my passionate sensibilities,
evoking true love to be sought,
calculating all the probabilities and possibilities.

That your music has lived on,
that your compositions can make thy spirit alive in me,
even though thou art long gone,
that still today it can be.

Even though your heart is in an urn, in a pillar, in a church,
and no longer beating in your ribcage, in your handsome frame,
but in the ears of the mind of the beholder’s search,
your music lights mine heart aflame.

It teleports me into the past, at a time when Delacroix painted us together,
where I was an imposter in a man’s world,
freeing myself from all forms of tether,
so that my spirit could be unfurled.

In the dress of men I was free and unrestrained,
men’s clothes aside I was such a womanly woman,
your melodies unchained.
So remarkable was our acumen.

I, a French novelist,
imparting the first kiss,
always looking forward to our tryst.
I was the love of your life; eternal is this bliss.


Quirina Roode-Gutzmer

This poem was published on my old blog In the write mind in January 2011.

I invite you to read Chopin’s Heart, a short story, by award-winning Polish author Olga Tokarczuk, translated into English by Jennifer Croft and published in eXchanges Journal of Literary Translations.


9 thoughts on “Timeless rapture

  1. Wow! This post is amazing. I love the poetry. Drop by our blog for Picture it & Write, a writing exercise that combines writing and art. Who did the artwork? Could you pass this link on to the artist? http://wp.me/p1HrCI-ex We’re hosting an art contest and I’d like to invite them.

  2. Quirina ~ this is a sensational poem. So beautiful and full of romanticism. And Anu’s artwork on the Escher staircase complements your poem perfectly. If Chopin had read ‘Timeless Rapture’ his next composition would surely have been ‘Sonanta for Quirina’ x

  3. I have not listened much to Chopin’s music yet. Your poem encourages me to catch up on this. But anyway, the first stanzas could apply to music of other compsers as well. A beautiful tribute to him (and Sand, I guess) together with this intriguing image that shows me that music may be mathematical but goes beyond the limits of logic … Btw, Peter could win a prize for flattering 😉

  4. the poetry and artwork complement each other so beautifully!
    I love Chopin – the elegant simplicity of his music carries so much emotion…this poem is a just tribute! Thanks for sharing, Quirina..

  5. wow what an awesome write quirinia…love that you tie maths, poetry and music together… three things that on first view are so different but as a saxophone player i know that music and maths have more in common that one would think.. fascinating image as well…

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