A star for you

Our feet sinking softly on the white sands,
of the peninsula’s carbonate shore,
our loving clasping hands,
we all of each other so adore.

Walking on land that the Miocene Epoch brought,
where rock is ground offshore, onshore and alongshore,
for each other we are fraught,
with gems of heart and mind, loving to explore more and more.

The ocean tide gently rippling o’er our feet,
and Helios gently kissing our skin aglow,
when we’re together, all is so complete,
and our feelings and thoughts simply flow.

The ocean air caressing our senses,
the sound of waves falling and nearing
the ocean mists on our cool skin condenses,
despite passions deep within us searing.

When Uranus is farthest from our Earth,
we shall stride together in harmony,
basking in each other’s mirth,
rivalling even the holiest matrimony.

At sunset, one of the gentlest kisses we shall share,
to each other we are eternally drawn,
resting upon our shoulders all of my longer hair,
until, emerging in the sky, the son of the Titanic goddess of dawn.

Hesperus, the evening star, mirroring our own beaming,
and later the waxing moon visits,
touching each other, proof of our not dreaming.
Eos, with her rosy fingers fidgets.

She opens the gates of heaven,
so that Apollo can ride his chariot across the sky,
the beauty of the night to us god-given,
our exquisite love as perfect as infinity and pi.

Copyright © Quirina Roode-Gutzmer 2010. All rights reserved.

This poem was published on my old blog In the write mind in February 2010.


7 thoughts on “A star for you

  1. I think I have never read a love poem before wherein pi and the Miocene was included … 🙂 But seriously, sometimes we can feel the utter beauty of the universe reflected in our love. Wonderful poem!
    (This is my comment on your old blog (lazy me!). There is nothing to withdraw from it. It is a joy to read it again.)

  2. I thought I’d been all the way through your old blog, but clearly I hadn’t. Whatever I did, I missed this little gem! A poet I know once told me that a poem, which has a uniform structure (i.e. versification) and regular rhyming scheme is easier to write because of the discipline it imposes. Well I’m inclined to disagree. To write this kind of form and, at the same time, retain a connectivity, a beginning, middle and end, so it flows like a story – that ‘free verse’ better enables, in my view – whilst keeping the reader interested all the way through, takes skill and talent. This you have in spades Mrs R-G. Above all, this warms my heart and affords me a view of your life with those who truly love you as being a life to be envied by those… who may not be so fortunate or, perhaps more relevant, who have not sought it earnestly enough to make it work for them.

  3. Your work is admirable – challenging, but well-worth persisting with.

    Thanks for visiting my blog – I have read and reviewed many German books over the years and my wife and I always enjoy visiting your country (Rhine Valley, this year, Black Forest in 2010)

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