The poet’s voice

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting with the gift of speech.” –Simonides

Whenever another poet can fathom your poem and hear its music in their mind’s ear, it is like two souls resonate for a moment in an intangible world. But when this poet is able to express the meaning and music of your poem with their voice, so that it is heard, it is extraordinary.

Abigail Baker, is one of those talented poets, who engages your mind and heart with her words. You can read her blog here.

She was particularly intrigued by my poem “Letters pronouncing kisses” (previously published on my blog on 27 March 2011), which she rendered beautiful with her vivid voice in a recording, which you can listen to here. Poetry reading and audio recording copyrighted © by Abigail Baker 2011. All rights reserved.


Letters pronouncing kisses

Purse the lips and exhale the air when saying:
where, which, what, with, whom, whether and why—
The breath of air should extinguish a candle burning.
Tantalize, titillate, scintillate, exhilarate with breath, the lips like a sigh.

Before baffling and babbling, becoming beloved, and beaming blossom,
Peering into eyes, parting lips, pausing pleasurably, placing lips upon lips,
pulsating with passion, panting, the proof, the promise;
then, as smooth as eating a plum, most marvelously the meeting of lips,
mmmmmmmm, until touching the tongue tips.

Mouth in motion, melting, in momentum with its own miming and rhyming.
Bitter sweet; bitter the marjoram, sweet the cardamom.
Mumbling, fumbling and then the tumbling.
The tongue trembing saying renaissance romance; souls to fathom.

The rising and falling sound song of every diphthong.
Thirsty, hungry and lovelorn; kiss-drenched with love life long.

Copyright © Quirina Roode-Gutzmer 2012. All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “The poet’s voice

  1. Q. this is so exquisitely executed! Your choice of words are kisses themselves. The way a kiss is…should be. The alliteration, the liquid, lyrical lovliness of this…and o…the sensuality…whew! Beautiful, beautiful!!!

  2. Q, this was one of the first poems I read that brought you to my attention. Abi also chose it as one of hers to read at our poetry reading last Friday. It is nothing short of a gorgeous poem, it plumbs the depths of our deepest feelings and emotions. If it were the only poem you ever wrote, it and you will last in my memory for ever. I thank you for it.

  3. An iconic reading of a brilliant poem that is a perfect 10 on the Olympian tumbling mat of poetic cadence. I’ve never heard anything like this rhythm in a poem before, careening forth and only pausing for an oh so human and natural breath before the next stanza. A great writer with a musician’s heart.

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