Culinary revenge

The chef stood there, in a cloud of smoke and abstraction. He was wondering what people were going to make of the sausages that night. The meat was not at all organic. There was way too much fat on it, but he had managed to make fine lard from it … infused it with three kinds of paprika, coriander, cumin and saffron. From the bones he made a delectable broth. Many lonely midnight hours were spent mincing the meat. He would be feeding those who had sold meat of swill-eating animals to the restaurant all these years at an “organic” price. [100 words]

This was submitted to [100 word story] for their monthly photo prompt in January 2012. My story was not selected, but you can read the winning story here.


10 thoughts on “Culinary revenge

  1. Thank you, Leslie. If the buffet of words were to your liking, how would like some dessert, that is smooth like a crème brûlée intermittent with the crunch of nut brittle, rounded with the sweetness of honey, the warmness of saffron and a heavenly touch of cardamom?

  2. So much for organic food. You can foold some of the people some of the time, but not all, especially the chef. Glad Im not in the kitchen when they ponder and choose. Nice work for short fiction!

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