The Megalo Don of Babylon

The don can be man or woman,
Herewith called he,
but could just as well be she.
The don hears the truth not.
For him denial is a river in Egypt.
He buys his friends,
rescuing them from catastrophes
to bind them to him.
He makes the rules,
because his hands are in the gold.
He cannot keep your secrets,
but he withholds information from you.
He speaks to you as though he is plural.
He employs thieves to do his dirty work.
He thinks he is genetically superior,
and you’re not.
He does not pay taxes, or alms to the poor,
but will sell what is not yet his or what does not yet exist.
The average man will bail him out
when the bottom falls out of his money system.

But with all the politricksing,
he can never take away the poet’s irie,
because the poet does not need all the things the don needs,
the poet needs only his voice,
but his voice is threatening,
because it blows like a whistle.

But the don can’t kill the poet,
because the poet will become a martyr,
And through the poet’s death,
all the people will hold the power.

Copyright © Quirina Roode-Gutzmer 2012. All rights reserved.

This poem is linked to dVersepoets Open Link Night, Tuesday 7 February 2012. DVerse Poets Pub is a place where poets and writers gather to celebrate poetry.


30 thoughts on “The Megalo Don of Babylon

  1. dang quirinia…i think this is my favorite by yours i’ve read so far…powerful and strong voice here…a voice the don can’t kill…oh yes!! power to the poets!!

    • Thanks so much for your meaningful comment, Claudia. This kind of message could not be in lyrical dress or flowery metaphor. It had to be shouted from the roof tops. Power to the poets. Indeed.

  2. he makes the rules because his hands are in the gold…he speaks to you as if e is plural…both great lines…you set his character well in your descriptioons…no th poets are like cockroaches…we will be around a while…smiles….

    • Thanks, Brian. We all know such a don, don’t we. And yes poets will survive ice ages and volcanic eruptions on a grand scale. Perhaps not in the flesh, but our words will survive. It was great to be part of dVerse Poets Pub last night. I will try to read as many of the submitted poems as possible.

  3. Cool! Did you know you posted this on Bob Marley’s birthday; the poet-singer who survived at least one murder attempt, told the Dons of the world that we know the pie-in-the-sky Heaven thing is a fib, and that “only ourselves can free our minds.”? I love poetry that speaks truth to power. Keep on, for the Earth and its children!

    • That is such an uncanny coincidence. I must have tapped into the Bob Marley birthday consciousness. Happy birthday Bob, mon. Thanks, Gerard, for your lovely comment.

  4. Wow, this one packs a punch! Have you been following the UK political news? I could feel waves of recognition as I read this.

    Long live the poet’s voice! Another wonderful poem from a very special soul 🙂

    • Thank you, Abigail. You’re a special soul—one that celebrates the poet’s voice. I have not had an eye on the UK politics, but we see these bullies, these dictators everywhere, in every sphere of live.

  5. Nice kudos for the poet…I love the almost parable quality of this…telling a story but certainly poetry. Very original, Q, and write on!

    • Thank you, Jackie. Lately my stories have crystallized into poems, and my poems have wandered into short stories. They have a life of their own, don’t they, these stories, these poems.

  6. WOW…..


    “But the don can’t kill the poet,
    because the poet will become a martyr,
    And through the poet’s death,
    all the people will hold the power.”

    All hail the power of the poet! 😀

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