Mind in the sky

Copyright © Reena Walking.

Feet on the ground,
soles standing,
In the earth,

Stone structure,
from sweat built
with mortar,

The body towers,
a hearth to heat,
a bath to cleanse,
windows to breathe.
Arms spire.
Wind through hair.

The clock to tick,
the bell to ring
its longest chime,
when the sun is high,

Mind in the sky.
Moisture suspended,
wisps and shreds,
in a vapour veil,
like the Galaxy arm,
that holds us,
the blue planet.

Then the darkness,
all the way to the end,
which is …
the beginning …
of the universe.

Copyright © Quirina Roode-Gutzmer 2012. All rights reserved.

This poem is linked to dVerse Poets Pub: Poetics—Visual-eyes-ing, Sunday 19 February 2012. DVerse Poets Pub is a place where poets and writers gather to celebrate poetry.

Reena Walking’s exquisite photography can be seen on her blog “missing moments”.


30 thoughts on “Mind in the sky

  1. rooted in the earth…then building…and stretching our mind towards sky..towards what connects us with our bare feet in the end and closes the circle…enjoyed it much quirinia..

  2. A journey through the body and the structures that we surround our bodies with into the sky/mind. Like a journey home, even though it appears to be in the opposite direction. Brilliant!

  3. beautiful. liked the progression of the imagery in the poem Q. from the earth to the skies and the universe. and the portrayal of an universal truth that strong roots help us soar. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sammy. The rhythm was important to propel the body upwards into the sky, to the end, to the beginning, the heart beating, the blood flowing, in the circle of life …

  4. I really like the parallels here the head to toe stretching of ground to sky and beyond…and the darkness of beyond, starlit in conjunction with where the mind goes has my head spinning …I may be stealing this part and running with it! 🙂

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