A poetry reading of “Mysterium”

Ben Miller’s poetry explores the metaphysical, the magical and the mysterious, in prose that flows like a river, with a cadence that resonates with the soul. His poetry can be found here.

His poem “Mysterium” is particularly melodious and lends itself to be read aloud (over and over!). And this inadvertently lead me to record my reading of this magnificent poem.

This is my debut poetry reading and it is hence imperfect. I even stumble on a word near the end. I performed several readings of this poem in an attempt to read it error-free, but I found that when I read it a few times, it seemed that one tended to become mechanical and then the initial mood and the magic of discovering the poem for the first time was lost. So, I opted for one of the earlier readings with more mistakes, because the feeling of the poem is more important.

With the permission of Ben Miller I hereby present my poetry reading of his magnificent poem “Mysterium.”


A dandy lion

Blue clouds and white sky,
served softly in a cone.
Clouds melt into angels,
that make bubbles,
that pop.

While feet walk on fish,
strewn on deserted paths,
brought by feathered ghosts
from ponds in high up trees.

Heads are under hats
that are mantis green,
and made of lawn.

We’re polishing our souls,
and buffing them,
until they shine,
so much,
that they rival the suns.

And from the lawn,
we hear the roar,
of a little lion—
a yellow, dandy little lion.

Copyright © Quirina Roode-Gutzmer 2012.
All rights reserved.