A poetry reading of “Mysterium”

Ben Miller’s poetry explores the metaphysical, the magical and the mysterious, in prose that flows like a river, with a cadence that resonates with the soul. His poetry can be found here.

His poem “Mysterium” is particularly melodious and lends itself to be read aloud (over and over!). And this inadvertently lead me to record my reading of this magnificent poem.

This is my debut poetry reading and it is hence imperfect. I even stumble on a word near the end. I performed several readings of this poem in an attempt to read it error-free, but I found that when I read it a few times, it seemed that one tended to become mechanical and then the initial mood and the magic of discovering the poem for the first time was lost. So, I opted for one of the earlier readings with more mistakes, because the feeling of the poem is more important.

With the permission of Ben Miller I hereby present my poetry reading of his magnificent poem “Mysterium.”


12 thoughts on “A poetry reading of “Mysterium”

  1. Loooove your voice, Q and I didn’t notice a single error. Like painting your house, you will always remember where the defects are, but your visitors won’t ever notice. And I know exactly what you you’ve been through in your attempt to get the perfect recording; each time you try, you make a mistake in another place; each time you try, you sound more and more mechanical. It just isn’t as easy as it looks. But well done you. Good reading, I did enjoy listening to it.

  2. Your beautiful reading emphasises the atmosphere of this actually mysterious poem, especially with the reverberation effect. Or did you read it in a vault? 😉

  3. A poem that has truly found the one reader fit to grace it with voice. You and this Ben Miller should cut a C.D. together. He is a first-rate poet.

  4. I heard no errors in this beautiful reading of Ben’s poem, Q. I love the timbre of your voice. You should do more readings!

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