City Sketches (Set II)

Recently, I stumbled upon a poem while I was hanging out at the dVersepoets pub, and when I read it, I needed to read it aloud, to hear its cadence and to see its intriguing images through hearing the prose.

This poem “City Sketches (Set II)” is written by Robert Mullen and appears on his blog “Golden giraffes riding scarlet flamingos through the desert of forever”. To read this poem alongside the interesting images that Robert has selected, please do visit his blog. You will also find between his poetry, evidence of his obsession with origami.

With his kind permission, I present you with my reading of this interesting and intriguing poem:


13 thoughts on “City Sketches (Set II)

    • Great work from two of my favourite poets online. Thanks, Robert and Quirina, for this collaboration. Really enjoyed hearing the poetry spoken.

      • Thank you, Chris. I knew you would like that poem of Robert’s. Glad you enjoyed it. For some reason your comment has not appeared on my blog, so I am replying to it on my dashboard and hopefully it will appear on the blog itself.

  1. Thank you for sharing this delightful poetry. It was a real treat to hear the words spoken.

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