“Leaves” © Peter Wilkin 2012.


The trees have undressed,
the emerald of their leaves
softly on the horizon left,
while their russet robes lie crisp below …
a carpet, for us to tread on, to near them,
to watch their branches tendril in inky sky
by light of silver sickle moon.

© Quirina Roode-Gutzmer 2012.



Special thanks go to Peter Wilkin for giving me kind permission to publish on my blog—his exquisite image “Leaves”—which inspired me to write the accompanying poem.

Peter’s photography art exhibits the ethereal, the magical, the psychedelic, the metaphysical, and human perception. It is well worthwhile to pay his gallery a visit here.


Colours coming, colours leaving


You dip your paint brush,
and with textured strokes,
you decorate the landscape in ochres and russets.
The trees tremble with your breath,
each breath sending a leaf into twirling,
each leaf dancing its way into carpet,
all of the leaves rustling with every stride taken,
warm earthy bouquets after rain given.

The branches eventually laid bare,
except for the evergreens,
wearing their needle furs,
waiting for the snow.
And then …
all the colour will be gone,
and the picture will be black and white.